Terminator 2 Online Slots – Real Money Bonuses

Win real money online slots with the favourite slots in Canada, containing unlimited possibilities for real money bonuses! Free Spins, Scatter, WILD, 243 different ways to win and 1024 ways to win during free Spins are only some of the unlimited possibilities to make this game the true gambling masterpiece it is really meant to be!

Join today and explore Terminator 2 Online Slots, the favourite slots in Canada, in our Montreal online casino. You will be content to discover the dramatic music living images which bring the movie to life and great mimics which make the whole experience feel much more real, abrupt screens that open up on the screen and capture best favoured movie scenes, and so much more. When you come to Terminator 2 Online Slots you can be sure it will feel just like the movies.

Those who wish to combine a truly exciting gaming experience with the best real money bonuses when they play slots online will find it best to start with Terminator 2 Online Slots. The fantastic gambling options and bonuses in addition to the intriguing movie features make the whole experience the best of fun! 

Real Money Bonuses at Terminator 2 Online Slots

When we talk about real money bonuses, it is no surprise Terminator 2 Online Slots is the favourite slots in Canada. Besides the usual favoured bonus features, this game contains some highly unique awards and rewards which resemble no other game.


Allegedly, nothing unusual about the Scatter. The beloved symbol which makes the Free Spins dream come true. This one that takes 3, 4 or 5 of its kind and at Terminator 2 Online Slots awards you with no less than 10 Free Spins gift. Nonetheless, this game DOES contain an additional surprise on that matter.

Blue Scatter

The Blue Scatter takes the place of the known Scatter existing in every game. Once this symbol appears on the screen (3, 4 or 5 Blue Scatters, of course) the Free Spins begin and all the fun starts! During the Free Spins the gambler has full control over the game and is able sto observe how many credits were won at the current spin, at all the spins inclusively and also how many Free Spins are left.

Red Scatter

That is the interesting part. In addition to the Blue Scatter already mentioned, an additional real money bonuses feature takes place at Terminator 2 Online Slots and it is this Red Scatter. When the T – 800 feature is in action – merely a single Red Scatter is all that you need in order to gain yourself with more Free Spins. Pretty cool, hey?


WILD is probably one of the best bonus features for those who love to play slots online. The WILD, which substitutes all symbols on the reels excluding the Scatter symbols, is the one that creates you more winning and lets you win more real money online slots. How exactly? When WILD appears, it makes two same coins appearing next to each other (and a third coin that is WILD) become a three of a kind by acting as a joker. If three of a kind already exists and the WILD is there at the next reel, 4 of a kind will be created and the same goes for 5 of a kind. Simply said, WILD lets you win more times, and more money!

T 1000

T 1000 symbol is also a unique feature of the Terminator 2 Online Slots. When the T 8000 vision is activated at the game, the T 800 can pay cash and the T 1000 symbol is capable of rewarding the gambler with the highest payout at the game. Simply more ways to win more money!

Free Spins

1024 ways to win during the Free Spins verses 243 ways to win during the regular game! There is no doubt the Free Spins give you more! Much more! Of course, while playing the Free Spins, you are capable of winning more and more cash without even having to deposit your own credits, but now you have so many novel ways to do so! It is highly important to remember that while playing and winning the real money bonuses of Terminator 2 Online Slots, when the Free Spins start – the fun only begins! Activating the Free Spins,makes the whole screen become very exciting, the screen changes its colour to red, titles are scrolled all over the screen and agent – like electric music is played at the background. You surely feel something mysterious happens at the moment. Each and every win spins is marked with a sudden change in the sound track for a moment and all the animations suddenly come to life. Fun fun fun!

The Betting Options for Winning Real Money Online Slots

Because there are of many of them and you are the one to choose how to win.

Betting Amounts

The best way to raise your depositing amount as you go along with the game and gain more confidence as well as more credits. At Terminator 2 Online Slots it is okay to start small, even with 0.01 coin size and 1 coin since at any spin you can higher the depositing amounts up to 0.50 coin size and 10 coins in total. The options are flexible and you can make the change at every spin.

So the power is in your hands! Walk, don't run to your favourite online casino to play this exciting Terminator 2 slots game.  We know "you'll be back."