Paris Romance – Romantic, Thrilling, Unique. Watch to Enjoy Every Moment

Very few events can be described as extraordinarily thrilling, unique and memorable as this one. Paris Romance brings you the most touching songs, which you will want to sing to yourself over and over again once the show is over. The best moments of this show, as romantic as Paris itself, will stay with you, and make you smile when you recall them, and the images from the city of lights will be brought to you, more vividly than anything you saw in the past.

You will find it hard to believe you are not really in France, as you watch this show. Some of the best French songs, such as La Vie En Rose, C’est Si Bon and Et Maintenant, will fill your heart with joy as you sit next to your friends and family, waiting to see what happens next.

Spoil yourself, and purchase the tickets to Paris Romance as soon as possible, they are running out quickly, and you do not want to miss the chance to enjoy those special moments, as long as you can.

When and Where

There are 11 shows you can attend, so check out the dates and choose the one (or ones) that fit you best. The performances will be taking place at Casino De Montreal throughout February (2nd to 24th), and each show will start at 13:30 p.m.

The doors will open an hour earlier, and each show will last 75 minutes, with no intermissions. If you want a “brunch show special”, you can arrive at 11:00 a.m. and enjoy the special package offered to the visitors.

Once you get to Casino Du Montreal, make sure you reach Cabaret Du Casino.

Prices & How to Purchase

Each ticket costs $30 (not including fees and taxes), and attendants over 18 years old are allowed to enter. Via, you will be able to purchase a ticket in no time, and to enjoy the best seats, as long as you buy them early enough.

How to Get There

Montreal Casino is located close to Jean Drapeau Park, across from Montreal Old Port. This makes the casino very accessible, so you will find it easy to reach there, using public transportation, or your car. If you check out the casino’s website, you will also find there a map, which will make it substantially easier for you to decide which roads to take. Keep in mind free parking next by is offered, so you don’t even need to spend much in order to stay there for long.

Moreover, the casino offers the visitors to enjoy shuttles. Downtown Montreal shuttles are free, and additional shuttles are also offered, to make it easier for visitors to get back home if they are not originally from Montreal.

You can contact the transporters directly, in order to get the full details about the schedule, and pick a day and a time to arrive and leave.

Check out the website to get further details about transportation, as well as read more about Bixi, the bicycle service. There is a Bixi station right next to the casino!

Special Packages at Cabaret Du Casino

Once you arrive, you can enjoy unique packages, adjusted for every taste and will. Dinner shows and brunch shows will enable you to enjoy great food during the show, and all you need to do is arrive on time.

When arriving to brunch shows, you should remember that the doors open at 11:00 a.m., and the show starts on 13:30 p.m. The ticket will cost additional $32.98, and the food will be worth much more than what you pay for.

When enjoying the dinner shows, you should keep in mind that the doors open at 19:15 p.m., and the show itself will be getting started at 20:30 p.m. The price will be $45.95 higher, but you will realize there is nothing more enjoyable than watching the best show while eating the best food.

At the casino’s website, you will be able to check out the different shows included in the list of dinner and brunch shows.

About Cabaret Du Casino

Cabaret Du Casino is a welcoming home for Quebec casino events and special casino shows. If you liked Paris Romance, and enjoyed the overall atmosphere, you will also love the other shows and events at the hall, and therefore you better check what this place offers you.

Each show is a great phenomenon, thrilling and unique like nothing you have seen in the past, and you better consider wholeheartedly trying these performances out. Especially if you are already in the town.

Icons on Tour, Meredith Marshall, Tone Call, Le Trio BBQ, Retro Spect, Rebound, Glam, DJ Miss Shelton, and many other shows are taking place in the casino, and your only responsibility is to check which one is occurring at each day or week, so you will be able to seize your visit for Paris Romance, and enjoy another great show along the way.

Overall, Le Cabaret is an impressive hall, equipped with the latest and the most astonishing tools, to make each and every moment more exciting than you have ever expected it to be.

Many tables, which people can sit around, with their friends and family, to eat the best food, high quality lights of many colours, which will create a different atmosphere, according to what happens on the stage, up to 8 places for visitors on wheelchairs, and so much more is already in this place. And all that’s left for you is to come and enjoy all these things!

In addition to that, keep in mind that 3D sound installations are also an integral part of each show, so once the music plays, it gets right into your heart and soul. An unforgettable experience is guaranteed!

Stay in Montreal and Enjoy Its Benefits!

Montreal is a beautiful place, and if you decided to visit, you have to stay and see what it has for you. Some of the most magnificent sites, such as the Botanical Garden, Old Port and Old Montreal, are offered on the spot, and it is a real shame to miss each one of them.

The Botanical Garden spreads over 75 hectares of thematic gardens, with greenhouses in the middle of Montreal. Old Port is just as special, although very different. Brick buildings from the 19th century, boutiques, restaurants, and bars, this place offers you to combine the ancient and the brand new.

Old Montreal offers you to enjoy the original city as you have never seen it. Old world feel and look, this popular tourist spot will be the one you must try out.

There Is Always Something Else to Explore

No matter how hard we try, we can never cover everything this special place has for you, so once you come, and even before you do, you are deeply encouraged to check out everything you can do and enjoy.

For example, while you can purchase tickets to additional special shows, you must realize that free shows are taking place in the casino on a weekly basis, and you simply must see whether you like them (and can attend), or not.

Best restaurants are spread all over the place, and we cannot mention each and every one of them, but almost each one is worth visiting if you have some time.

The gambling experience should, also, not be underrated, since more machined than one dares to wish for are offered. Slots machines and poker games have to be checked out, once you are in this place, so give them a try! You can play alone, or with your friends, and it all depends on the machine or game you opt.

Have fun! It is definitely easy, once you watch Paris Romance and stay around in Montreal Casino!