Game of Thrones Online Slots

If you don’t yet know about the Game of Thrones it’s quite possible that you live under a rock. And maybe you enjoy it there under your rock – but it’s time to come out and enjoy the awesome adventure of this online casino slots game. This is a game that you won’t want to miss, Game of Thrones Online Slots, as the themes here have taken the world by storm.

This Canadian slots online game comes from the wildly popular book series and movie series and the game is just as much fun as these others have been. There are two ways to play this game. You can either play it as a 15 fixed payline version of the game or as a Ways to Wins version. If the first way, you can win as much as 75,000 and in the second version you can win as much as 121,000. Now that’s a lot of winnings for the slots games online in Canada.

Getting Started

Watch for the scatter symbols since if you have two of them you’ll get a scatter bonus with a random cash prize. The wild symbol will step in for others and  you can stack as many as three of these in the base game and the free spins. If you’ve got three to five of the scatter symbols, you’ll get online slots free spins where you can have as much as 75,000.

Now, there are actually four features that you can select from and each one has its own set of rewards. With the House Baratheon online slots free spins you’ll get 8 free spins and have a five times multiplier. In addition, the House Baratheon Sigil will stack three up. With the House Lannister you’ll get a four times multiplier and 10 free spins. The Sigil symbol can stack up to four here. Next, with the House Stark you’ll get 14 free spins and a three times multiplier. The Sigil symbol stacks five up. And then with the House Targaryen you’ll get a whopping 18 free spins and a two times multiplier. The Sigil symbol can stack up six times.

Gamble Fun

With the Canadian slots online game there is also a gamble feature which has a trail map. The player selects the gamble button to gamble their current win and to have a chance to double the money that they have. You’ll see a coin flip with the Game of Thrones Online Slots bonuses section and you’ll either call heads or tails. You can double your money if you’re right. Each of the wins you have will then give you a chance to move ahead on the trail and the players can continue with the online slots bonuses to move ahead on the trail until they reach the gamble limit or until the trail is finished.

This is an awesome online casino slots game that anyone will love to play. Whether you’re already an avid fan of the Game of Thrones Online Slots theme or you’re just being introduced to it here – you’ll love to play and to get to know the characters and the excitement. Players will be mesmorized by the larger than life look and feel of the game. The graphics welcome you in and offer you so many great ways to enjoy the characters you may already know from the Game of Thrones and the surrounding music does as well.