Montreal Botanical Gardens

There is no shortage of activity in Montreal. The city is vibrant and overflowing with excellent activities, and one of the best of these is the Montreal Botanical Garden. This is a vast garden that includes about 190 acres of thematic space and greenhouses. It was designated as a National Historic Site of Canada in 2008 and is actually considered to be one of the most important of the botanical gardens around the world because of its extensive facilities and its collection. No visit to Montreal is complete without enjoying some time in this open and inviting space. Even in the winter months, there is much to do indoors and to enjoy in the area.

Getting Around

When you get to the Botanical Garden, you’ll see that it’s divided up based on themes into outdoor garden spaces. They also have a large greenhouse complex that is filled with plants that come from around the world. Keep in mind that there is a lot of snow in Montreal, so the outdoors paces are covered in snow typically from November through April, but the greenhouses remain open to visitors throughout the year. It’s certainly worth the trip from February to April to see the Butterflies Go Free exhibit that they host.


The Botanical Garden in Montreal was founded in 1931 by mayor Camillien Houde. The grounds were designed by Henry Teuscher. The administration building that is in the Art Deco style was designed by architect Lucien F. Keroack.

Key Points

Certainly, you can always come to the gardens and pay for admission. For city residents, you can get a pass that offers you free admission to the outdoor gardens, and you’ll often see people visiting just to enjoy the grounds and walk around. During the summer, even tourists can enjoy free admission in the evenings. From 6-night time they can come and enjoy for free, so this might be something worthwhile to put on the “to-do” list if you’re visiting Montreal.

Four Gardens

When you enjoy the outdoor spaces with the Botanical Gardens, you’ll see that there are four separate areas. The Chinese Gardens look like those you would see during the Ming Dynasty.  There is a building in the Chinese style that has bonsai trees and penjing. There are Chinese plants everywhere and many winding paths. The Japanese Garden has Japanese plants and a building in the Japanese style that has an exhibit on tea. You can actually enjoy the tea ceremony in the summer months and enjoy the koi pond on the grounds. Next, the First Nations Garden preserves indigenous populations of Canada. Their gardens have species that are specifically from Quebec and other North American areas like maple, birch and pine trees. The Alpine Garden is covered with small alpine plants and has a poisonous plant garden and an arboretum, among other features.

Certainly, the Botanic Garden in Montreal is a lovely place for people to visit and to enjoy. Whether you're passing through in the middle of winter and want to visit the indoor spaces, or you want to bring the family here for a free night on the grass in the summer, the garden is the perfect spot. It offers so many activities and features that you won't be able to soak it all in the during your first visit. But each time you come back, you'll take away a little more information and knowledge to bring back home with you.